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Child  Portraits

Children grow so quickly.  We're here to help you document every moment of their precious lives.  Services ranging from newborn to senior portraits, we do it all.  Child portrait sessions are available in outdoor settings or an indoor studio environment.  We enjoy capturing your child's unique personality, hobbies, and interests.  You may bring as many outfits and props as you like such as toys, trinkets, etc.  We will travel to your home or any location that is special to you.  Sessions fees are $35 per hour within a 25 mile radius; additional fees apply for further travel.

You will receive a password protected link to view your photo proofs.  Your link will be active for 60 days after your proofs are posted.  Please see below to view print investment fees.

Our calendar fills quickly.  Please click the button below to schedule your child portrait session.  We look forward to working with you!

Print Packages

Package A - $160
(4) 4x6, (5) 5x7, (3) 8x10, (2) 11x14, (16) wallets

Package B - $100
(3) 4x6, (4) 5x7, (3) 8x10, (12) wallets

Package C - $75
(2) 4x6, (3) 5x7, (2) 8x10, (12) wallets

Package D - $50
(2) 4x6, (2) 5x7, (1) 8x10, (8) wallets

Package E - $25
(1) 4x6, (2) 5x7, (4) wallets

A La Carte Prints

Wallets (set of 4): $4

4x6: $6

5x7: $8

8x10: $12

11x14: $22

16x20: $44